What is Storytelling & How It Works Great In Marketing?

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So here we are again in the most wrapped and nicely packaged marketing term “Storytelling”. Do you remember when you were kids and your grandma used to entertain you in your early childhood? How beautifully and convincingly your Grandpa was laughing with you. Well, these older people love to tell their past experiences conveniently, and since you were used to be a kid who willingly loves to listen to your elders. How surprising and interesting was that?

Did you ever think why you so keenly listened to those fairy tales and what was the charm behind that? Children are very emotional and they respond to emotions too quickly than anything else and you better know that it’s always good to treat them with love and emotions instead of punishment, right?

So, let’s keep this same template and install it in a broader perspective of doing business and making relationships with people.

What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is art presented to the world with the goal of making new relationships, connections through creativity, truthfulness, and emotions with less text and more visual insights.

Digital Storytelling uses media software tool kits to bring stories relating to life. The goal is to use and present a visual digitally to explain a concept via personal experience by filming the past incident visually so that the audience could have a long-lasting impression about the same. If you are relating storytelling with a video comprised of audio, images, and other animations, you are partially correct as to make it a story, pouring your emotions is a must in that.

So, let me tell you exactly what happened with my friend in 2009 when he passed out from his college, having a degree with no job in hand. His name is Nishank and he did a master’s in engineering from a reputed college way back and then started searching for a job. After 6 months of his pass out when he didn’t get any job because of a global recession at that time, he thought to start his own web marketing firm. He started his journey by learning day and night and when he had enough understanding of things, he moved out to the Freelancers platforms and then established himself with a broad perspective and created huge prospectus since then. Today, Nishank has more than 200 employees on board and serving clients from all across the world. Would you like to learn more about Nishank? Here you can check with him…

This was just an example where I tried to relate the pain of one of my friends and at the same time, I tried to redirect my audience to his website though I did not intentionally provide the URL, etc.

So, the idea is to relate the pain and provide the solution at the same time is what storytelling is.

Does Storytelling really work?

Let’s talk about this from the very basics. We believe our kids learn faster with visuals and they respond too quickly. What triggers their mind and what empowers their learning skills? A visual help to recall and personalize the scene and hence it helps in relating the same. Likewise, if we try to use those patterns in our sales and marketing system, won’t that be convincing in attracting the audience?

Imagine this case in the graphic mentioned below and you will learn that storytelling follows a pattern of imagination and visualization both at the same time. Isn’t that beautiful if applied in marketing?

Let’s relate storytelling to your business now: 

What did you notice? A visual having pain and solution to combat the future problems, correct? Also, things have visually appealed a lot than writing it in textual format. So you can understand the power of storytelling and getting maximum out of it.

Let me pull it further, you might have read many motivational business books, right? What if I present the ones that you have already read in the form of a visual? Won’t it take you to that specific drive and dive you deep at the same time?

Watch the below video for your visualization as am assuming at least one out of 10 mentioned books you might have read.

So I hope you have understood the power of storytelling and relating your business at the same time to your potential clients. In the comment box, you can just enter one story of your past experience that relates you to your customer. I will keep the best story to this post and a link directly to your website too 😊

Storytelling techniques and how to use them:

(1) Have a Rival and a Star. You can understand by a movie where a hero the savior and a villain the destroyer and finally hero wins the hearts.

(2) Use contradiction- Again a great movie is one that uses a variety of genres so as you need to do the same.

(3) Communicate the story in general.

(4) Visualize the theme.

(5) Make interpersonal and relate as explained above.

(6) Mix some actions and surprise your audience.

(7) Have your YouTube channel or Blog to express it to the world.

The Elements of Storytelling

To prepare digital storytelling, you must concentrate on these mentioned 7 key elements:

(1) Perception

What is the subject and motive of the story and what is the viewpoint of the author that resembles him to tell the same?

(2) A Theatrical query

A key question that should be asked by the author and responded at the end to narrate the same.

(3) Emotional Quotient

The fundamental and backbone of storytelling are emotions. Your story would be having a long-lasting impression if it touches the reader or viewer emotionally.

(4) Voice Modulation

A great movie scene becomes great not because of its visual but the voice too becomes immortal in that. Voice and pitch are the ways to engrave the story deeper in a true sense that helps further the audience understand the context.

(5) Background music

The story could be made more appealing if a bit of situation-poising sound could be added to make it more real and touching.

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