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It was the month of March since then we have seen a massive disruption in businesses all around the world. The main reason why I am quoting this today even you don’t want to recall that duration I know, but the thing is how far we have been traveling so far and how long still our journey is remaining to get rid of that the most dreadful chapter.   I basically belong to the IT Read More
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Today, I was creating a marketing plan and strategy for one of the SaaS clients in my office.  It was a start-up and it’s been almost 2 months since the product was launched. When I asked this client why this product website has not been indexed yet in Google then he mentioned he is not that much aware of these things and probably his marketing team handled that job. While I was inspecting his Google Read More
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Before we start, we first understand the term Machine learning. As the term itself point that it’s a kind of intelligent hardware that operates based on a simulation that is fully tested further to perform a specific task. Let me tell you that it’s machine learning which has 3 major types. Supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning. Reinforcement learning also known as RL in context of ML [Machine learning]. So, an RL is an area Read More
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Do you face time management challenges? While I was working in my office, was thinking about successful people especially those who made their life comfortable via habits and lifestyles. After thinking for a while, I found it was something special about them and that was their habit of time management. To be very honest, If a person is very much concerned about spending his time than anything else, it could be the only one of Read More
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