If you follow these 8 tips for time management, Your 2021 will be amazing

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Do you face time management challenges?

While I was working in my office, was thinking about successful people especially those who made their life comfortable via habits and lifestyles. After thinking for a while, I found it was something special about them and that was their habit of time management. To be very honest, If a person is very much concerned about spending his time than anything else, it could be the only one of the top reasons of his success.

Moving forward, let’s find the answers to 3 fundamental questions which everyone should think about.

(Q1) Why do we feel lack of time?

Did you ever think about why we feel so? Also, as we know we feel stressed if the planned task is not completed on time, even a person who missed his promise or an appointment, we feel irritated either. Since in the above-missed appointment or promise scenario, we have changed our positive state of mind and because of that further swings in mood, we try to accomplish other remaining activities in a hurry and then it led to psychological disturbances. Sometimes as a result the consequences lead to an accident or an unpleasant happening. Our ancestors have never felt this lack of time concerns and do you know why?

They perfectly used to manage their things in the available 24 hours time-frame only. We have got huge facilities, machines, tools, and mode of transportations, etc but still, we always feel this lack of time concerns. The fact is, we have made our lifestyle too complex and hectic at the same time. Also, as the feeling of incompleteness arises, we feel stressed and packed with fear of incompleteness too that further leads to the phobia of unsuccess.

So what should be the possible solution in such circumstances? Take a deep breather and think positively. Since the problem arose from the point of missing deadlines or so, the solution should be to decide on the priority of things and habit to treat a person as a person and not like an object or non-living entity. We should value each other’s time and hence we must be patient enough while working in the field. Also, we should try to make our lifestyle simpler too so that further time could be saved and spent in achieving our self goals.

(Q2) How much time you have?

The law of nature and the law of conservation remains always there and so does the equal allotment of time to each person. Didn’t it? We do understand that this world is uncertain and there exists inequality in wealth, beauty, intelligence, etc but in the context of the time, we could relate the equality for all. Samuel S. quoted that if a person loses his wealth, he could regain it. Also, if he loses his knowledge, he could get back through study, in case of health loss, could be rejuvenated through medicines, etc but the same person if loses his time, could not recover or gain by anyway. So, the thing is- we all are having an equal amount of time and it’s up to us how and where we spend it.

(Q3) How much is your time worth?

We have heard an old saying that time is money. But did you ever realize and calculate it? And also, one obvious thing is we could earn wealth if we spend our time wisely and so true the vice versa. In my opinion, time is always the “possible wealth” for all.

Let me tell you the formula to calculate the value of your time:

Your 1 hour priced as = Your income DIVIDED BY a total number of hours you worked And one more thing, in today’s world, a person is getting mad over buying those things which he cannot even enjoy due to lack of time and that’s the irony and a sad reality friends.

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Here in this post, I am going to suggest you the top habits and tips to manage your time efficiently and if you apply them in your life, the success will always be there to embrace your lifestyle and goals:

  1. Maintain a Time log– You have got a budget for every financial transaction and you often forget or miss to make a budget for your time wallet. Manage a time log to allocate your time accordingly and doing this will relax your mind for sure.
  2. Make your financial goals– We have seen many situations in our life where we need to know things beforehand. Even merit or a cut off is pre-decided to qualify for a role. In life, if there is no goal associated, success will always be doubtful. If you are about to start a journey and don’t know where you have to go, would it be meaningful? Likewise, on financial matters, you should have your own goals to meet the business requirements or personal goals. Remember, having monetary freedom means you own abundant wealth but to be very rich, means you own a lot of time for yourself.
  3. Set your priorities first– In our life, we often stuck while working on certain things or dispute arises often in a relationship. There is a wise saying that an intelligent man does an important work in the first-place while a fool does it in the end. That said, an ambiguous man finalizes his priorities and acts accordingly. There should always be a mechanism to act and decide upon your critical, high priority, and important to-dos.
  4. Learn to delegate- We can learn this simple principle from the law of nature. There exist different seasons to delegate the jobs and run the life cycle on the planet mother earth. People who are engaged in little tasks are unable to do the massive ones and the reason is there. They don’t get and understand the concept of delegation. If you are in a position where you can delegate the role to someone who can handle the role and meanwhile you can act on another important assignment to take your firm to a new height. Warren buffet says the rich people invest in time whilst the poor ones do in money.
  5. Work according to Pareto’s 20-80 principle: This Pareto principle says that if you decide 20% of your priorities and give your honest efforts in achieving those, it will be a minimum of 80% chance to get them accomplished and achieved.
  6. Time is proportional to the work you expand: It’s Parkinson’s Law that suggests that the amount of work required fixes to the time available for its completion. Meaning, if you expand your work in the allotted timeframe, the time would expand too and you can do that massive work in that expanded time itself and in case where you shrink amount of work to be done, the time you will utilize adjusts accordingly that means, the time adjusts automatically irrespective of work.  There is a saying that if you want to jump higher and higher, you will need to run longer and longer. It’s as simple as that.
  7. Organize yourself- Charles Darwin once said that the person who dares to waste even his single hour has not understood the value of life. So, it’s really a very important principle of life to organize yourself accordingly. The best example of an unorganized life is forgetting about things often or misplacing things, or your unorganized unhealthy work environment. Keep yourself disciplined.
  8. Exercise and Meditate daily- The key to a healthy life is having a healthy mind. Being healthy should be your only choice and you start your day by keeping yourself fit and alined. A healthy person is the only efficient person in long run so keep yourself energetic by doing Yoga, exercise, and meditation wherever you can.

So, these are the important principles of living a disciplined life and the time management fundamentals. If you’ve enjoyed reading this post, please do share it with your friends and colleagues. It will be the best gift if they improve their lifestyle and organize themselves.


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